16 Bridal Makeup Myths You Need To Stop Believing

16 Bridal Makeup Myths You Need To Stop Believing 1

In recent times, social media has become a trusted source for bridal makeup tips, but, do you know if the tip is even worth trying? There are high chances of the maximum bridalmakeup tips to turn out absolute myths. Here are 16 eye-opening bridal makeup myths which you need to stop believing right away!


#Myth 1: You can avoid using makeup brushes if you’re the only person using them


16 Bridal Makeup Myths You Need To Stop Believing 2


Haven’t heard of anything weirder than this. Your makeup brushes come into contact with a wide number of products and surfaces over time. The more you postpone washing them, the number of bacteria will accumulate in their fibers. Using them will not only lead to skin diseases but also reduce your brushes’ lifespan.


#Myth 2: Red lipstick is not for everyone


16 Bridal Makeup Myths You Need To Stop Believing 3


Nonsense! Red is the color that suits everyone, whatever be your skin tone. All you need to do is choose the right shade.


#Myth 3:Regular makeup will make your skin dry


Hey, that’s not true! It does no harm to your skin creating breakouts. Being a newlywed bride or bride-to-be, it is obvious for you to use essential skincare products daily. It is mainly about your makeup routine rather than the products which causes skin problems. You cannot blame the products for having a wrong makeup routine.


#Myth 4: Heavier makeup = Better Pictures!


Ladies, bridal makeup is automatically heavier than your daily one. Thus, putting too many products will be of no help rather end up making you look caked up in the pictures.


#Myth 5:The shimmer is to be kept at bay


To get a naturally illuminated bridal makeup look, you should add shimmer to your face. Choose the right shade to work wonders. It is best to choose powders or creams with fine shimmer particles.


#Myth 6: Throw away a mascara when it dries


16 Bridal Makeup Myths You Need To Stop Believing 4


Don’t wait for your mascara to dry. Any mascara is scheduled to live for 3 months after the first use as this product is the easiest way to pick up an eye infection. Over time, mascara becomes a perfect breeding ground for bacteria that are harmful to your eyes.


#Myth 7: Dip a mascara wand into the tube to remove lumps


Please don’t be stupid. This will get more air bubbles into the tube and shelf the lifespan of your mascara. Just dip the wand into the tube and twist it for better use.


#Myth 8:Waterproof mascara can be applied daily


If you don’t think you would get drenched in the rain or any other reason to use waterproof mascara, it is advised to skip using one. At the end of the day, waterproof mascara would require a greater effort to remove leading to excessive eye rubbing which in turn would make your eyelashes weaker.


#Myth 9: Makeup products do not go bad


It is very important for you to store your makeup products properly before the expiry date. For instance, dark and warm places are not suitable for skin care



#Myth 10:Say ‘No’ to skin illuminators


Ladies, skin illuminators are excessively camera friendly. Apply illuminators on the key parts of your face so that you get a flash of the camera to bounce off your face, making you look great in pictures.


#Myth 11:Glitter= Gaudy


Come on ladies, you are the bride and you ought to have the extra radiant and striking glow that a bride must-have. Also, you need to keep in mind to not use glitter so much so that you are tagged ‘Over The Top’ bride. Use glitters on your body and sees lights create naturally beautiful shadows accentuating your features.


#Myth 12:Bold colors will make you look odd


The no-makeup look is great for everyday wear but for your special day, you should go for slightly bolder colors as they will remove any dullness or tiredness from your face. Compensating your makeup with your outfit, don’t shy away from bold oranges, pinks, plums or reds.


#Myth 13:Heavy outfit means light makeup 


This is a special day for you. Every shade of your makeup should be matching your outfit. Keeping your makeup too light or too heavy will not help you look gorgeous anymore.


#Myth 14:Ensure using latest colors and textures


Matte makeup has now become a trend. From lip colors to nail paints, matte makeup is winning over hearts. When it is your wedding, it is suggested to use products that you have tried and tested and you know will look great on you.


#Myth 15: Over lining lips? Never! 


Don’t give in to some stupid shit. If you want your lips to look fuller and your lipstick to last longer, you need to overline your lips with a lip pencil and then fill in some color. Dab your freshly applied lipstick and apply a second coat to lock the color in. Your lipstick will not smudge and you’ll have the perfect bridal makeup for your day.


#Myth 16: It’s fine to not remove makeup before sleeping


This is probably the biggest misconception that you can have. If you do not remove your makeup before sleeping, it can damage your skin by dehydrating it and clogging the pores. While you are sleeping, the hormone cortisol falls and repairs the damage that has taken place throughout the day, if you fail to remove your makeup before sleeping, it will definitely dehydrate your skin and the damage won’t be repairable.


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