6 Extravagant Bridal Makeup Kits and More

bridal makeup kit

Cosmetics are something that is compulsory when it comes to Bridal makeup kits.  The world is full of monochrome images, makeup act as a way to your “Glam”. There are people who never use even a single stroke of kohl on their eyes, and also people who cannot move out of the house without making their brows on point or using a full coverage foundation on their face. 


But, one factor is common among every Bride, that is doing a full glam makeup on the wedding day. Now, the basic ingredients are similar to every bride out there, but the style changes from person to person from different background and community. And there are a lot of women who are in search of that one Bridal makeup kit appropriate for them. 


The leading brand that works in the Indian subcontinent is Nykaa. It provides a marvelous platform for users from several standards of price. But, it is not the only place for purchasing makeup in India, because in the past few years the makeup industry has given birth to platforms like Purplle and Sugar as well. 


Lets us discuss every branded makeup kit found in the makeup industry:



1. Lakme Bridal Makeup Kits:


lakme makeup kit


Lakme is probably the first Indian brand that launched makeup products for several Indian women in the Market. Ever Since cosmetics came into India, Lakme has been the leading producer of Bridal makeup ingredients. Though not having  any such Bridal makeup Kit makeup products from Lakme can be assembled into a good makeup collection for brides:


i) Primer base- Lakme Absolute Undercover Gel Face Primer (Rs 700)

ii) Foundation- Lakme Absolute Mattreal Skin Natural Mousse 16hr (Rs 623)

iii) Concealers- Lakme Absolute White Intense Liquid Concealer (Rs 457)

Lakme Concealer stick- Absolute White Intense SPF 20 (Rs 498)

iv) Setting Powder- Lakme 9 to 5 Naturale Finishing Powder – Universal Shade (Rs 435)

v) Eyeshadow palette- Lakme Absolute Illuminating Eyeshadow Palette – French Rose (Rs 950)

vi) Eyeliner- Lakme Absolute Gloss Artist Eye Liner – Black (Rs 650)

vii) Kohl- Lakme Absolute Forever Silk Eyeliner (Rs 475)

vii) Mascara- Lakme Absolute Flutter Secrets Dramatic Eyes Mascara – Night Drama (Rs 625)

viii) Eyebrow kit- Lakme Absolute Precision Eye Artist Eyebrow Pencil (Rs 600)

ix) Contour kit- Lakme Absolute Illuminating Blush Shimmer Brick (Rs 573)

x) Bronzer- Lakme Absolute White Intense Wet & Dry Compact – Golden Light (Rs 623)

xi) Blush- Lakme Absolute Face Stylist Blush Duos – Rose Blush (Rs 593)

xii) Highlighter- Lakme Absolute Highlighter – Moon-Lit (Rs 596)

xiii) Lip liner- Lakme Kareena Kapoor Khan Absolute Lip Definer (Rs 625)

xiv) Lip range- Lakme Absolute Matte Melt Liquid Lip Color (Rs 563)

xv) Lakme Absolute Plump And Shine Lip Gloss – Crimson Shine (Rs 475)

xvi) Lakme Absolute Sculpt Matte Lipstick (Rs 507)

xvii) Nail polish- Lakme Absolute Gel Stylist Nail Polish – Pink Drama (Rs 350)

xviii) Makeup remover- Lakme Absolute Bi-Phased Makeup Remover (Rs 300)

xvix) Nail polish remover- Lakme Nail Colour Remover with Vitamin E (Rs 90)


The entire Lakme Absolute range of makeup can be utilized as a special section meant for Indian Bridal makeup kit. Apart from that, the kit can even be used for the purpose of enhancing the Bridal Face in a beautiful look altogether. 


Pros & Cons: 


The main advantage of using Lakme products is to use cosmetics entirely manufactured in India. It is obvious that a brand that has a rich Bridal makeup heritage, stands first in the line of Indian cosmetics. 


Another advantage of using Lakme is to have various price ranges. It is the only company in the world of Bridal Makeup kits, that has products starting from below hundred up to more than a thousand rupees. To name a few, it has the plain Lakme Eyebrow pencil worth rupees 60, even has the Kareena Kapoor Khan Collection worth 700. Or the plain mousse foundation worth Rs 190 or even a serum foundation Rs. 650. 


But, the only disadvantage of using Lakme is the typical foundation shade range. It is obvious in Bridal makeup kit that the foundation plays the key role as it is the base for the entire Glam. But, Lakme has certain peculiar shade range that only supports Pink, neutral and very few yellow undertones. 


Whereas, the majority of Indian woman fall under the category of yellow undertones. In that case, having such a biased shade chart meant for only lighter and medium skin tones, Lakme is extremely weird. This separates Lakme from almost three-fourth of the Indian woman when it comes to Bridal Makeup Kit. 


Price and Availability:


The total amount that is spent on the entire range is in between 10,000-11,000 rupees only, depending on where you are purchasing it from. The Makeup range of Lakme is appropriate for being the best Indian Bridal Makeup Kit


It is available on every Indian shop which includes:

i) Lakme-



ii) Nykaa-



iii) Purplle-



iv) Big Basket Beauty-



v) Myntra



vi) Flipkart-



vii) Amazon-



2. Maybelline Bridal Makeup Kits


 Maybelline Bridal Makeup Kit


One of the leading cosmetic industries of America, Maybelline is the first international brand which started their business in India in the late 2000s. Such a big enterprise gave into a large number of Bridal Kit in the Indian Makeup industry. To name some prominent Bridal Makeup Kits, maybelline 

has created some of the following:

Maybelline New York Bridal Kit – Medium/ Light/ Dark/ Tan

This makeup kit is something that prevails the world of cosmetic in India. The entire box is exclusively picked with nude makeup products that are not only meant for highlighting the face but for giving a professional level of accuracy. The Maybelline New York makeup kit contains the following glam up items. 


i) Foundation- Maybelline New York Fit me Matte + Poreless Foundation in the shade medium/light/dark/tan (Rs 500)

ii) Concealer- Maybelline New York Fit me Concealer (Rs 475)

iii) Setting powder- Maybelline New York Fit me Loose Finishing Powder (Rs 675)

iv) Eyeshadow Palette- Maybelline New York The 24K Nudes Palette (Rs 900)

v) Gel eyeliner- Maybelline New York Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner – Black (Rs 500)

vi) Mascara- Maybelline New York Lash Sensational Mascara – Washable Black (Rs 500)

vii) Lipstick- Maybelline New York Color Sensational Lip Gradation – Red (Rs 550)

Or Maybelline New York Color Sensational Powder Matte Lipstick – Get Red: (Rs 450)

viii) Makeup Pouch- Metallic finish makeup pouch.


Pros & Cons:


To be honest, Maybelline is a brand that has no cons with its makeup finish. But, this bridal makeup kit, lacks  certain features like that of  an eyebrow enhancer or a proper bronzer or sculpting product. 


Price and availability:


The entire calculated subtotal of all the products make the amount of Rs 4,100 and Rs 4000 for the dark and tan makeup set respectively with the stick lipstick. But, Nykaa is providing a free makeup pouch along with it. So, you are getting everything at the Nykaa price of Rs 4,120 and Rs 4,020.Though the price keeps  changing on regular intervals.


Kit 1 for Medium Skin tone (Rs 4120)-



Kit 2 for Light Skin Tone  (Rs 4120)-



Kit 3 for Dark Skin Tone (Rs 4020)- 



Kit 4 For Tan Skin Tone (Rs 4020)-


3. Nykaa Bridal Makeup Kits:


Nykaa Bridal Makeup Kit



The leading space for makeup in India, Nykaa is actually the ‘Sephora of India’. The best space for buying online makeup in India,Nykaa is the best brand for selling online cosmetics in India. 


It has a wide variety of  Bridal Makeup, from several brands across the world along with their own brand franchise. Those products have been accumulated into a gorgeous Bridal Makeup Kit, and they are as follows:

Nykaa Wedding Makeup Must Haves Gift Set

This bridal makeup kit, has a beautiful shade range that has such beautiful pastel color variations and shimmers added along with it. This product is a must have for bridal makeup, as it has the following specifications:


i) Foundation- Nykaa SKINgenius Sculpting & Hydrating Foundation – Warm Sand 03: (Rs 575)

ii) Fixing powder- Nykaa SKINgenius Skin Perfecting & Hydrating Matte Powder Compact – Rose Beige 02: (Rs 525)

iii) Bronzer & blush- Nykaa Get Cheeky! Blush Duo – Brazilian Bombshell 01: (Rs 699)

iv) Contour & highlighter- Nykaa Glow Getter Highlighting & Illuminating Duo – 24K Glam 01: (Rs 699) 

v) Eye liner- Nykaa Black Magic Liquid Eyeliner – Super Black 01: (Rs 299) 

vi) Kohl- Nykaa Glamoreyes Eyeliner Pencil – Golden Fleur 10: (Rs 450)

vii) Lip range- Nykaa So Matte Lipstick – Regal Ruby 30 M: (Rs 399) 

Nykaa MATTE-ilicious Crayon Lipstick Next Level Nude – 04: (Rs 699)

Nykaa Sealed with a Kiss! Lip Palette – Bare Crush 03: (Rs 650) 

Nykaa Matte To Last ! Liquid Lipstick – Bombae 01: (Rs 599) 

viii) Nail Polish- Nykaa Matte Nail Enamel – Raspberry Tart 109: (Rs 199)

ix) Box- Nykaa Wedding Lotus Gift Box: (Rs 500)


Pros & Cons:


The reason why Nykaa provides the customers with the best product merging, is that it has a great shade range and collection altogether. The brand has manufactured over 100s of shades that also has a special bridal collection to it.


The entire Bridal Makeup Kit of Nykaa, gives the customer a wide range of products as well as numerous lipstick shades. But it is not having sufficient face products like concealers and other color corrector stuffs. An Indian Makeup kit, should be having enough skin tone correcting products though the brand has a lot of concealing items,

but this kit of Nykaa is devoid of them Price and Availability:

The entire collection is marketed at the Nykaa official website at Rs. 6,293. And, it also has other variation at the site.


Kit 1 Nykaa-




Nykaa Wedding Bridesmaid Makeup Gift Set


This kit is meant having a light yet docile look on the face. The main motive of getting this beautiful Bridal Makeup kit, is to pin the mode of bridal makeup for those ladies who want to get an extremely lucid and light makeup on their faces. This kit contains all the wonder by Nykaa and has a great collection too. As follows:


i) Foundation- Nykaa SKINgenius Sculpting & Hydrating Foundation – Warm Sand 03: (Rs 575)

ii) Compact- Nykaa SKINgenius Skin Perfecting & Hydrating Matte Powder Compact – Rose Beige 02: (Rs 525.0.00/-)

iii) Eye Liner- Nykaa Get Inked! Sketch Eyeliner – Onyx 01: (Rs 450)

iv) Kohl- Nykaa Glamoreyes Eyeliner Pencil – Golden Fleur 10: (Rs 450)

v) Contour And Highlight- Nykaa Glow Getter Highlighting & Illuminating Duo – Moonshine 03: (Rs 699)

vi) Lip Range- Nykaa Matte To Last ! Liquid Lipstick – Maharani 02: (Rs 599)

Nykaa MATTE-ilicious Crayon Lipstick Pink On Fleek – 03: (Rs 699)

Nykaa So Matte Lipstick – Naughty Nude 11 M: (Rs 399)

vii) Nail Polish- Nykaa Nail Enamel – Carefree Cosmos 138: (Rs 179)

viii) Box- Nykaa Wedding Moringa Gift Box: (Rs 500) 


Pros & Cons:


The fabulous Bridal Makeup Kit offered by Nykaa has a great shade of colour range. Not only for the lipstick or nail paints but for the face base too. Therefore, there is almost 0  risk of ordering this wonderful Bridal hamper. 


But, this particular kit lacks with the space of good concealers or colour correctors. If the bride is having issues of colour correcting, then they have to purchase it aside. Apart from this, he Bridal Makeup kit has no other flaws. 


Price and Availability:


The Nykaa website offers the entire pack at the price of  Rs. 5000-5200. The Bridal Makeup Kit has exact price of Rs. 5075.


Kit 2 Nykaa




Nykaa The Royal Affair Combo


i) Kohl for eyes- Nykaa Eye Bold Kajal Eyeliner With Free Sharpener (Deep Black 001): (Rs 450)

ii) Eyeliner- NYKAA Glamoreyes Eyeliner Pencil – Azure Charm 05: (Rs 450)

iii) Liquid eyeliner- Nykaa Black Magic Liquid Eyeliner – Super Black 01: (Rs 299)

Iv) Eyebrow Enhancer- Nykaa Brow Chika WOW Eyebrow Pencil – Coven Cocoa 01: (Rs 399) 

v) Lip range- Nykaa Pout Perfect Lip & Cheek Velvet Matte Crayon Lipstick – Nude Me Not 05: (Rs 499) 

Nykaa So Matte Lipstick – Regal Ruby 30 M: (Rs 399)

Nykaa MATTE-ilicious Crayon Lipstick Pink On Fleek – 03: (Rs 699)

Nykaa Paintstix! Lipstick – Peaches n Cream – 04: (Rs 425)

vi) Nail polish- Nykaa Nail Enamel – Crimson Carnation 131: (Rs 179)

Nykaa Nail Enamel – Dusky Azalea 129: (Rs 179)

Nykaa Mirror Chrome Nail Lacquer – Molten Sterling 163: (Rs 249) 

Nykaa Gold Rush Nail Lacquer – Gold Soul 121: (Rs 249)

vii) Sharpener- Nykaa Sharper (Rs 0)

viii) Pouch- Nykaa Bling It On Pouch – Golden Glimmer: (Rs 300) 


Pros & Cons:


The only negative point of having this Bridal Makeup Kit is that this has no skin products. By that, it is basically that this makeup kit has no foundation, concealer, primer, setting powder or makeup compact that is meant for any sort of facial base makeup. Without this, the kit has enough Lip range, eye range or nail paints.


Price and availability:


The entire Bridal makeup kit is available at an extremely budgetable price on Nykaa that is at a price of Rs. 4549- 4600. It is marketed at the price of Rs. 4549.


Kit 3 Nykaa-



4. Makeup Revolution Bridal Makeup Kit:


Makeup Revolution Bridal Makeup Kit


This brand is having extremely gorgeous products that gained a huge heart of a lot of woman in and around the globe. But, this Makeup Kit is not only a great space for Bridal inquisition but also a pallet filled with glitters of glam. 


Makeup Revolution Ultimate Essentials

Makeup revolution is a personal favorite amongst many makeup artists in India. The Ultimate Essential Bridal Makeup Kit is one of the best of all makeups available on the wide world of internet. The following are the cosmetics available inside this face kit:


i) Brow Enhancer- A Brow Palette including 3 powder shades, a wax and highlight cream (Vegan)

ii) Bronzer and Highlighter- A baked Highlighter, Bronzer and Blush Duo (Vegan)

iii) Primer for eye makeup- An Eyeshadow Primer (Not Vegan)

iv) Eye Shadow- A New Reloaded Palette (Not Vegan)

v) Makeup tools- Three brushes including a flat eyeshadow/concealer/lip brush, fluffy blending brush and an angled brush.

vi) Lip range- New 7 shade Lip Palette (Vegan)

vii) Contour Kit- A Powder Contour Kit featuring highlight, blush and bronze (Not Vegan)


Pros & Cons:


They do not have any specified price category for makeup in this particular Bridal Makeup Kit. The entire pricing range for each product is hidden. Other than that this makeup kit has glittering products that totally go with the wedding theme. 


Apart from that, Makeup Revolution has certain good makeup base products meant priming and foundation. But, this particular makeup kit has nothing of that sort. This Bridal makeup kit, has no base products. One has to buy them separately.    


Price and Availability:


The main problem about this particular kit is this is available in different prices at different places. While the hidden cost of each product inside the Makeup Revolution Bridal makeup Kit is made unknown to the general public.


Kit 1 on Nykaa (Rs. 4500)- 



Kit 1 on Purplle (Rs 3600)




Makeup Revolution Shade & Contour Kits:


Ace your base with Makeup Revolution Shade & Contour Kit. Define and add light to the skin with new and exclusive palettes and brushes, including 10 shades of bronzer, contour and highlight. This gift contains: 10 powder shades – 2 bronzers in matte and shimmer, four contour shades, four highlight shades Bake and finish powder, a Large fluffy brush, Flat angled contour brush

i) Contour Palette– The palette consists of fabulous eye shadow, highlighter as well as constructing shades.

ii) Setting Powder- A universal translucent powder shade.

iii) Makeup Tools- Angular brush for eyeshadow, and contour as well as a foundation brush. 


Pros & Cons. 


The main disadvantage of buying this Bridal Makeup Kit, is that it is not having any sort of base makeup products. No facial primer, foundation, concealer or colour corrector. Just having a setting powder which is of a universal shade. Which is an advantage. 

More than this, it is having a makeup blending, which is rare with any other marketed bridal makeup kit in the market.


Price and Availability:


The main disadvantage of this kit is that, none of the products are available on a single product basis. Whereas, the the kit is available at different prices at different location online.


Kit 2 Purplle (Rs 2250)-



Kit 2 Flipkart (Rs 2430)-


5. Sugar cosmetics bridal Makeup Kits:


Currently, Sugar is the second most popular Indian cosmetic seller after Nykaa. The brand manufactures exclusively delighting products that glides on the skin like a peel of butter. Sugar has certain exclusive lip and nail products that totally bring glam to the word of Bridal Makeup Kit



Build Your Own Box (Eye Spy, Lips Don’t Lie)


This is the option that Sugar provides the customer. It gives the user the opportunity to select their desired colour palette and choose what suits their face and attire. This Bridal Makeup Kit, is just a makeup box made up entirely for the customer and not meant for just setting their items. The box contains the following options:


i) Eyeliner- Eye Told You So! Smudgeproof Eyeliner (01 Black Swan)


ii) Eyeliner- Eye Warned You So! Double Matte Eyeliner (01 Black Swan)


iii) Kohl-  Twist and Shout Fadeproof Kajal (01 Black Velvet  Black or 02 Still got the Blues Dark Blue)


iv) Crayon Lipstick- Matte As Hell Crayon Lipstick 

(01 Scarlett O’Hara 02 Mary Poppins 03 Poison Ivy 04 Holly Golightly 05 Rose Dawson 06 Coraline Jones 07 Viola 08 Jackie Brown 09 Princess Peach 11 Elle Wood12 Baby Houseman 13 Murphy Brow 14 Violet Crawley 15 Stephanie Plum 16 Claire Underwood 17 Brandy Harrington 18 Rosalind)


vi) Crayon Lipstick Sharpener- Matte As Hell Crayon Lipstick Sharpener.


Pros & Cons:


The main default about this kit as the Bridal Makeup kit, is it is not having any face products. By that we mean, this kit is not having any foundation or concealer or even a setting powder. Hence without face products it is not exactly a bridal kit


But, the benefit of having this kit is that it provides a wide range of product choice between good colour shades of lipsticks and liners. If someone is asking for a good eye kit, then this is appropriate for being a Bridal Makeup Kit


Price & Availability:


This kit is available at a price of Rs. 3699. All this products are available at a great deal at the Sugar official website. 


Kit 1 Sugar-




SUGAR Eye Spy, Lips Don’t Lie Makeup Box


This is one of the best Bridal Makeup Kit available from the brand sugar. Originally this particular kit was not entirely meant for sale but only for Professional makeup artists. Because this gives a lot of products that are enough for highlighting eyes as well as lips. So, the kit has the following products in it:


i) Eyeliner- eye told you so waterproof eyeliner (01 black swan)


ii) Kohl- twist and shout fadeproof kajal (01 black velvet)


iii) Lip range- matte as hell crayon lipstick (01 Scarlett O’Hara, 02 Mary Popping, 03 Poison Ivy and 04 Holly Golightly)


Pros & Cons:


Devoid of any other flaws and stuffs, this particular product provides a wide platform for selling good yet classy products to the main audiences. This brand wishies the mass with great and trendy Bridal Makeup kits. But it has no facial base products like foundation or concealer.


But it has great lip shades and eye highlighting products. So this is a check for those who want some good lip and eye shades. 


Price and Availability:


The lip crayons are marketed for Rs 499 in the real website. But the entire Bridal makeup kit is available at Purplle for Rs. 4299


Kit 2 Purplle-




6. M.A.C Bridal Makeup Kits:


M.A.C Bridal Makeup Kits


One of the most popular high end product in the Indian Market. M.A.C is the best place for having a Bridal Makeup kit during the weddings. Though the pricing are quite high with M.A.C  but it is best for a long term wear makeup. 


M.A.C Oh No She Beta Don’t Face Kit / Patrickstarrr

This is one of the best known makeup available by M.A.C in the Indian market. The product is fabulously maintained and established in the form of exclusive makeup items meant for highlighting eyes and other higher points of face. This Bridal Makeup Kit has the following items:


i) Eye Palette-

Sugah Mama Eyeshadow x 4 in Sugah Stick (soft caramel), Deception (cool medium brown), First Class (blackened brown), and Damn She Olive (deep blackened olive) (0.19 oz)


ii) Lip Colour-

Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour in Ultimate Diva (cool nude) (0.1 0z)


Pros & Cons:


M.A.C is undoubtedly one of the best makeup brand in the Bridal Makeup industry. Because the product gives a magnificent finish to the face and has a litting glow. This kit too has fabulous products that can totally give the best eye look and a retro finish to the lips.


But the problem is that this particular lit lacks with any kind of face products like that of a primer or foundation. This is something very compulsory in a Bridal makeup kit. So, spending such a high amount  only on two products is quite expensive. But the finish has no comments to it. 


Price and Availability:


The entire makeup is available at a price Rs. 4850. Which is actually a good deal for M.A.C.


Kit 1 M.A.C-




M.A.C X Disha Patani Kit 


This Kit is exclusively made in space for the bollywood actress Disha Patani.M.A.C Cosmetics India has collaborated with the gorgeous Disha Patani to launch the MAC Shades of Disha Patani limited edition collection. This Bridal collection by M.A.C has the following items:


i) Kohl- Crayon Kajal (1.6gm): Dear Darling (Rich Darkened Teal)


ii) Lip Range- Satin Lipstick (3 gm): Twig


iii) Primer/ Setting Spray- Prep + Prime Fix+ (30 ml)


Pros & Cons:


This Bridal Makeup Kit by M.A.C is totally a yes for any one who is asking for a blue eye shade and an extremely good nude lip colour. The range contains quite a good products and have some fascinating products.


The Prep+ Prime Fix by M.A.C is the most appreciated product by all makeup artists. Moreover, this is best for both priming the face as well as fixing. And that too at such a cheap price.


The only disadvantage is that it is not having a tinted face product like  that of foundation or concealer. Other than that, this is the best Bridal Makeup Kit purchase. 


Price and Availability:


The Kit containing three good items is available at a low and budgeted price at the Nykaa website at a price of Rs. 3750.


Kit 2 M.A.C-



M.A.C Shiny Pretty Things Goody Bag: Smokey Eyes/ Neutral eyes

This makeup kit by M.A.C is perfect for wrapping eyes in shiny pretty colour. This Bridal Makeup kit in warm neutral or cool smoky shades offers a three-tiered approach to the perfect party accessory. It’s loaded with everything one needs for a flawless stare, including an all-new slim Eye Shadow x 6 palette, Technakohl Liner and In Extreme Dimension Lash. Each piece is candy-wrapped in a Shiny Pretty metallic pouch.


i) Eye Shadow- Ultra Nude/Smokey eye palette (Can be used wet or dry, Ophthalmologist tested and Safe for contact lens wearers)


ii) Eyeliner- Technakohl liner (Long-wearing, eight hours and Safe for use in waterline)


iii) Mascara- In Extreme Dimension Lash (Black: Lengthening, Volumizing, Curling, Lifting, Non-clumping)


iv) Pouch- Metallic pouch (Blue/Green) 


Pros & Cons:


There is almost no consequences of  using these products on face. The eye makeup is quite elegant and classy with two options, either smokey eyes or nude makeup with any of this Bridal makeup kit


This makeup kit has quite good colour palettes but as it has only eye makeup and no face or lip range. So, this is cannot entirely be termed as a Bridal Makeup Kit.


Price and Availability:


Both the kits are available at the same price, Rs. 5750 with no specified kit price. 


Kit 3 Nude



Kit 3 Smokey



M.A.C Festive Eye Kit

This kit is having maximum products for the eyes and also has certain eye makeup removal stuffs. The entire kit has fabulous items for the benefit of the skin at its best look. For that reason, one who is asking for a good eye makeup kit, this is the appropriate Bridal makeup kit. 


i) Eye Shadow A.C Fashion Fanatic Palette Mini


ii) Eyeliner A.C Liquidlast Liner Mini


iii) Mascara M.A.C In Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash Mascara Mini


iv) Makeup removal A.C Cleanse Off Oil Mini


Pros & Cons:


The advantage of using M.A.C Festive Eye Kit is that it has quite good eye makeup kits but not any face makeup products like that of foundation, primer or concealer. This Bridal makeup kit has some fabulous products for eye makeup.


Another advantage of using it is that it having a good, makeup removal cosmetic. 


Price and Availability:


The entire kit is marketed at the same price at two different locations. This bridal Makeup by M.A.C is sold for Rs. 5500.


Kit 4 Nykaa- 



Kit 4 Myntra-



This is some of the most common Bridal Makeup Kit available in the Indian Makeup Makeup market. Apart from this, there are more Indian brands who have came up with affordable Makeup Kits. Which are not so popular but has some great products at an extremely cheap price, like that of:


i) Glam Gals (Rs 2997)

https://www.myntra.com/makeup-kit/glamgals/glamgals-148-color-pro-makeup-kit/2207925/buy (Myntra) 


ii) Glam Gals (Rs 2718)

https://www.myntra.com/makeup-kit/glamgals/glamgals-multicoloured-177-color-pro-makeup-kit/2245844/buy (Myntra)


Including this, India is has started the market for high end makeup brands that is not falling under the affordable category Like that of Kylie Jenner, Bobby Brown, Huda Beauty, Estee Lauder or Smashbox. This is falling under the expensive side but yet people who desire to without paying customs can buy this. 


i) Smashbox (Rs 5500)

Smashbox Easy AF Eye Kit

https://www.nykaa.com/smashbox-easy-af-eye-kit/p/365735?ptype=product&productId=365735&skuId=365735 (Nykaa)


ii) Bobby Brown (Rs 7400)

Bobbi Brown Get The Perfect Glow Kit

https://www.nykaa.com/bobbi-brown-get-the-perfect-glow-kit/p/138072?ptype=product&productId=138072&skuId=138072&categoryId=4130 (Nykaa)


iii) Estee Lauder (Rs 8000)  

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick Collection (https://www.nykaa.com/estee-lauder-pure-color-envy-sculpting-lipstick-collection/p/399407?ptype=product&productId=399407&skuId=399407&categoryId=997) (Nykaa)


iv) Huda Beauty (Rs 5375)

Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette – Remastered https://www.nykaa.com/huda-beauty-rose-gold-palette-remastered/p/336996?ptype=product&productId=336996&skuId=336996&categoryId=4985 (Nykaa)


v) Huda Beauty (Rs 2900)

Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Minis – The Brown Edition (https://www.nykaa.com/huda-beauty-liquid-matte-minis-the-brown-edition/p/222108?ptype=product&productId=222108&skuId=222108&categoryId=498 ) (Nykaa)


vi) Kylie Jenner (Rs 5345)

Kylie Jenner The Limited Edition Birthday Collection | I Want It All Bundle (https://www.flipkart.com/kylie-jenner-limited-birthday-collection-want-all-bundle/p/itmf9bf6syhzghvz?pid=MKTF99YHWATDNNHH&lid=LSTMKTF99YHWATDNNHHRWFNSF&marketplace=FLIPKART&srno=s_1_1&otracker=search&otracker1=search&fm=SEARCH&iid=2ccce515-29eb-42f8-ace2-b61b7a67185c.MKTF99YHWATDNNHH.SEARCH&ppt=Homepage&ppn=Homepage&ssid=9deq5mxbls0000001555137275001&qH=d880a57ba79bc697) (Flipkart)


vii) Kylie Jenner (Rs 7288)

Kylie jenner Don’t Open Until Christmas Complete Makeup Kit Set (https://www.flipkart.com/kylie-jenner-don-t-open-until-christmas-complete-makeup-kit-set/p/itmfenf9fd5nxdn6?pid=MKTFEMEGZSHHCJCH&lid=LSTMKTFEMEGZSHHCJCHDCHY0E&marketplace=FLIPKART&srno=b_1_3&otracker=browse&fm=organic&iid=ebb82617-b606-4c91-b11d-ba2ea0b7e96c.MKTFEMEGZSHHCJCH.SEARCH&ppt=SearchPage&ppn=Search) (Flipkart) 


viii) Kylie Jenner (Rs 7289)

Kylie jenner The Kris Bundle Momager Makeup Set (https://www.flipkart.com/kylie-jenner-kris-bundle-momager-makeup-set/p/itmfez4edfnygbuy?pid=MKTFEZYGSJ2FVDPU&lid=LSTMKTFEZYGSJ2FVDPUAUY3G2&marketplace=FLIPKART&srno=b_1_4&otracker=browse&fm=organic&iid=ee2be533-9e73-4d3a-ad07-6c5668beca2e.MKTFEZYGSJ2FVDPU.SEARCH&ppt=SearchPage&ppn=Search) (Flipkart) 


That is the makeup brands and Bridal Makeup Kit available in India. Now, you can just choose the right one according to your preference and affordability. 

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