Amazing information about Airbrush Makeup

Amazing information about Airbrush Makeup 1

Airbrush makeupis not something exclusively related to magazines or beauty pageants. It has become a widely used phenomenon in recent years. Yet, it is only a handful of people who know what airbrush makeup actually is


Airbrush makeupis a technique where makeup is applied to the skin using an airbrush system. This technique, as opposed to the traditional method of doing makeup, uses an airbrush makeup machine for makeup. It is more of how spray paint is applied, typically only on the face, though it can be used over the entire body. 


Uses of Airbrush Makeup


Airbrush makeupis widely used byprofessional makeup artistsfor weddings, parties, events and other occasions, not only does this result in fantastic photographs but also makes the person look naturally beautiful. Also, airbrush makeup can be adapted to every person, by building the correct blend and the right match. 


Airbrush makeupis not particularly for professional photography & special events but can also be used for everyday makeup since it is lightweight and easy to apply. Once you’ve tried and tested the airbrush makeup,you won’t be going back to traditional makeup for sure. 


Airbrush Makeup Machine


Anairbrush makeup machineconsists of three main parts – the airbrush stylus, the air compressor and the air hose connecting the two. Most airbrush stylus is main powered to maintain constant energy to and from the air compressor, although some kits have an optional battery pack for when mains power is not accessible.


While the air hose and compressors do not vary much between kits, the stylus can be bought in various varieties, although most stylus’ for airbrush makeup is very similar. The three features of an airbrush stylus which may very are:


  1. The method of feeding the product into the system
  2. The point at which the product and air combine
  3. The action the trigger has.


The stylus may be gravity, suction or side-feed, but for airbrush makeup, the most common type is the gravity-fed system, as it requires less energy than the other methods. This means the product is put into a reservoir sitting on top of the stylus and is drawn down into the chamber by gravity.


The point where the product and air combine may be within the air chamber or outside the chamber at the tip of the stylus.Airbrush makeup kitsgenerally use the internal meeting point because it is more suited to gravity-fed systems. It also means that the mist of the product that is produced from the stylus is finer and therefore lighter. This looks more natural and is less likely to cause blobs of makeup.


In anairbrush makeup machine, the feature which is most often varied is the action that the trigger has. There are two options – single or dual action. A single-action trigger will release the air pressure and product in one. If the air pressure can be varied, it will generally be instead controlled by a dial on the air compressor instead. Alternatively, a dual trigger stylus will be able to alter both the air pressure and the product, for example, push it down to release the product, pull it back to control the pressure.


Airbrush makeup application


Airbrush makeup came around as a blending tool to lend a uniform result in the field of makeup. And the result is a more refined version of you. Here is how to apply airbrush makeup


  • A major use of airbrush makeup is done in the filming industry as the spraying method lends a very natural look to the face making it look natural and clear. However, due to traditional makeup often a lot of pores and wrinkles are visible which can be hidden by airbrush makeup. 


  • You can layer your shade and skin with airbrush makeup. It has features for blush, foundation, lips, and eyebrows too for a perfect look.


  • Airbrush makeup is also great for manipulating fantasies and special effects


Before we delve deeper into the applications of airbrush makeup, here are some of the basics that we need to know- 


Airbrush machinesare designs with small diaphragm compressors that are less powerful and affordable having two needles that the user maneuvers. What basically happens is, the needle pushes the air along with the pigment through the nozzle. A single-action nozzle is when the user sprays out the mixture and double-action are when the user is able to control the amount of the released pigment so that they get the desired result. 


There are different formulae available- 


  • Water-based

  • Alcohol-based

  • Silicon-based


  • Water-based


As the name suggests, this pigment is mixed with water and appears matte on skin building a full coverage. This is preferred when working under bright light without having a shine. 


  • Alcohol-based


Don’t get intrigued by the name, alcohol-based airbrush makeup has amazing lasting power and can last up to 5 hours! Having 99% alcohol this is definitely not suitable for daily use. 


  • Silicon-based


If natural is what you prefer, then silicon is what you need. Having the finish of the bare skin as long as the shades matching with the skin. It, however, tends to deepen a shade and therefore always stick to the lighter shades when in confusion.


How to apply airbrush makeup


Here are some basic pointers to keep in mind before proceeding with airbrush makeup. 


  1. Though you canapply airbrush makeupyourself, it is better to be done by someone else because this would minimize the chances of getting it into your eyes. 


  1. Airbrush makeup is different from traditional makeup, thus, read the manual and go through the CDs provided very carefully. 


  1. Unlike traditional makeup, this type of makeup can be layered. But, for that to happen to leave the first layer intact until it dries completely and then only apply further layers. 


  1. It is common to make mistakes in traditional makeup, while in case ofairbrush makeup mistakesare simply not acceptable. So use little bits of makeup each time so that you don’t need to over apply. This is very important for blushes and highlights amongst others.


  1. Practice on a piece of paper or anyone else to get an idea as to how you can apply.  You can also otherwise test it on paper beforehand to assess the technique better.


  1. Practice mixing the shades too as these will create the best looks.


  1. The best way to apply airbrush makeup is to apply it from a distance of six inches from the face. Use small bursts of makeup on selected areas for better control. When you have practiced more you can easily do layers and use regular bursts for a quicker finish. 


  1. Use circular or forward-backward motion for applying the makeup.


  1. There are many types of airbrush makeup like water-based, polymer-water based, alcohol-based, and silicone-based as mentioned above. Choose the best one for your skin type.


  1. Consult a reputed makeup artist for better suggestions.


Airbrush Makeup Prices


Airbrush makeup systems, though not widely available in India, they vary in price. Undoubtedly the initial outlay is more expensive than that of traditional makeup; however, once you have bought it, you will find that you will spend much less on makeup. This is because you use much less product for each user to get the same finish and therefore it goes a lot further, making it a cost-effective purchase in the long run. You will also save yourself a lot of time because applying airbrush makeup is much quicker than applying traditional makeup, and the tool cleaning is much quicker and more thorough too. 


Airbrush makeup for wedding


For weddings, professional makeup artists, tend using airbrush makeup for special occasions because it is long-lasting and mostly waterproof, also, they can be used all over the face and even eyeshadows which would last for 12 hours or more. 


Now let us have a detailed discussion on airbrush makeup v/s traditional makeup. 


Experts say airbrush makeup lasts much longer than traditional makeup and is the go-to option for photography. However, the longevity of your makeup depends on your skin type rather than the type of makeup you’re using. 


Which one lasts longer?


Honestly speaking, both airbrush and traditional makeup is formulated to stay for the entire day. Traditional makeup can also last long if used in conjunction with a primer, a setting powder, and a setting spray. 


Which one handles sweat and tears better?


If you are going for a silicon-based foundation in case of airbrush makeup, it might last longer than traditional makeup and also tolerate sweat and tears. The reason that it is water-resistant will help you overcome all the hugs and kisses without hampering your flawless look. 


Will airbrush makeup cover imperfections and pimples effectively?


The short and simple answer is, no. Airbrush makeup is lightweight and provides a blanket-like finish unlike traditional makeup along with full coverage. Traditional makeup foundations come available in a range of formulations, some of them focusing on hiding blemishes and eliminating the look of imperfections on the skin.


If you’re keen on the idea of using airbrush makeup for your big day, keep in mind that it won’t give you the same glowing finish that traditional makeup will, and it won’t hide all of those imperfections.


Why opt for airbrush over traditional makeup?


If you’ve got hydrated, moisturized skin, airbrush makeup will look fabulous on you. While, if your skin is on the drier side, airbrush makeup can look flaky once applied as it is waterproof and has a consistency that’s not as thick as traditional makeup.


Another reason why would be still for traditional makeup over airbrush makeup is that they’re limited when it comes to airbrush makeup shades. Some women have skin tones that are much easier to match with the wide range of traditional foundations available on the market.


Coming to the price, which one is more expensive?


Thinking about this question, the first thing that crops up is traditional makeup would be more expensive. But, the reality is that airbrush makeup is much more expensive than traditional makeup. So, for a bride who wants to cut on her big day, airbrush makeup can be seen as a nice-to-have and not a necessity.


 Which skin type is most appropriate for each technique?


Airbrush makeup works great on hydrated skin. We would recommend that women with skin types ranging from normal to combination skin use airbrush foundation, as it is best suited for these skin types.

Traditional makeup is very versatile and comes in a wide range of formulations specifically designed to meet the needs of various Indian skin types.


 Pros & Cons of Airbrush Makeup


Airbrush makeup is wildly popular around the world for brides. We don’t have too many polls to go by, but this one from WeddingBee (not statistically significant for all those stats pros!) suggests that brides do favor airbrush depending on their skin type.

When applied correctly,airbrush makeupcan help you achieve that flawless look you might otherwise not have been able to achieve with traditional makeup, but before booking and getting your airbrush makeup done, here are the pros and cons you need to consider:




  • Long-lasting and ideal for all-day wear
  • Perfect for creating an impeccably smooth finish
  • Requires much less product for maximum coverage (compared to traditional makeup)
  • As each layer of applied airbrush makeup dries, you can add layers for more coverage




  • If used on dry skin, airbrush makeup can look flaky
  • Difficult to re-blend once dried
  • Available in only a few limited shade options
  • Much more expensive than traditional makeup

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