Bengali Bridal Makeup- Latest Trends & Tricks 2

Bengali Bridal Makeup- Latest Trends & Tricks

Bengali bridal makeup  is generally characterized by dramatic eyes, shimmery eyeshadows, and kohl-lined eyes. Bengali weddings are simple and sophisticated. It is quite an easy task to spot a Bengali bride with big bright eyes and red bindi.  The signature style of a Bengali bride would be in a red benarasi silk saree with golden thread […]

18 Amazing Hair Care Tips 5

18 Amazing Hair Care Tips

Getting wedding-worthy hair is a major requirement for many of us. Taking good care of your hair helps you get more options for your bridal hairstyle, while with damaged hair, you only have the option to stick to classic up-dos.  Follow these simple hair care tips to get strong and shiny beautiful hair before your […]

12 Steps to Choose the Perfect Bridal Makeup Artist 16

12 Steps to Choose the Perfect Bridal Makeup Artist

Your bridal makeup artist is capable of altering your entire bridal look. No bride wants anything less than her big day to travel smoothly.  If you’re a bride-to-be, your concerns over your wedding day look is completely justified. Hiring a proper bridal make-up artist is extremely important especially on your wedding day, when hiring a bridal makeup artist to make your bridal look is usually well well […]

Airbrush Makeup 61

Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush makeup  is not something exclusively related to magazines or beauty pageants. It has become a widely used phenomenon in recent years especially in weddings. Yet, it is only a handful of people who know what airbrush makeup actually is.  It is a technique where makeup is applied to the skin using an airbrush machine. […]

Bridal makeup

Do’s and Don’ts of Bridal Makeup

Once you have decided on your wedding attire, it is now time to get your bridal makeup on point. Whatever be your budget, your bridal makeup should never be compromised on. Here are some of the expert tips that you should keep in mind regarding the do’s and don’ts while choosing your bridal makeup.   […]

How To Make Your Hair Smell Good 63

How To Make Your Hair Smell Good

There could be nothing enchanting than leaving a sweet fragrance behind you. Often, spraying perfume or even a lightweight eau de toilette can prove too strong. A strongly fragranced hair could give you a sexy yet subtle aroma, but you need to know how to make that last long. Here are some tips that you […]


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