Bengali Bridal Makeup- Latest Trends & Tricks

Bengali Bridal Makeup- Latest Trends & Tricks 1

Bengali bridal makeup  is generally characterized by dramatic eyes, shimmery eyeshadows, and kohl-lined eyes. Bengali weddings are simple and sophisticated. It is quite an easy task to spot a Bengali bride with big bright eyes and red bindi. 

The signature style of a Bengali bride would be in a red benarasi silk saree with golden thread work adding the required glow to the bride.  A Bengali bride has beautiful sharp pictures with perfect skin. 

There have been paradigm shifts in the wedding industry bringing about revolutionary changes in the concept ofBengali bridal makeupand clothing as well. 

If you are a bong bride with an impending wedding and dying to incorporate the latest Bengali bridal wedding trends on your special day, here we have brought to you the latestBengali bridal makeup tips

How to do Bengali bridal makeup?

An aspiring Bengali bridal makeup artist in Kolkata would be curious to know the procedure of a proper bengali bridal makeup and hairstyle


1. Chandan bindi


chandan bindi,indian bridal,indian wedding Picture Credit: chandanbindi

Even if you go for a minimal makeup instead of a dramatic one, you can never skip this red and white chandan or alpana design on your forehead. Initially done with yellow Chandan has now been replaced by a combination of red and white paint. This Chandan design has been a distinctive feature inBengali bridal makeupand making all eyes stick on you. Even if you skip the traditional benarasi saree and traditional jewelry, you cannot miss on thebengali bridal makeup alpana design

How to do:Atraditional bengali bridal alpana designwould be comprising of ornate, encircling lines or dots originating from the center and spreading throughout the forehead. Make sure to use the two quintessential colors- red and white, as these two are the basic colors found in everyBengali bridal makeup


2. Dramatic eyes

dramatic eyes,brideal makeup,indian wedding Picture Credit: dramaticeyes

Big, dramatic eyes are an aesthetic feature of the Bengali bride. An essential element of the overall look is the doe-eyed beauty. A few essential bridal makeup products which you must have in your bridal trousseau are an eye primer to the darkest shade of eyeliner and kohl to achieve the true image of aBengali bridal makeup look

How to do:Use a dull gold look or any metallic glitter to get the stunning Bengali bridal look, glittery eyes with red bold lips are a wonderful choice. To give your eyes a more dramatic and voluminous look, opt for a heavy mascara. You can even choose to go for false lashes to extend the volume of your lashes. 


3. Contoured & highlighted cheeks

highlited cheeks,indian wedding,highlight makeup Picture Credit: highlightedcheeks

Following the archetype of the Bengali Goddess, the true Bengali bride ought to have perfect, chiseled cheeks to accentuate your cheekbones and jaw to get prominent eyes and sharp nose. Make sure not to ignore your blush in the midst of all this. 

How to do:A golden highlighter on your cheekbones without any color to accentuate your features. Go for minimal contouring to achieve high cheekbones. 


4. Red lips


red lips,red lipstoick,indian makeup,wedding makeup Picture Credit: redlips

You would hardly spot a Bengali bride without red hot lipstick. From celebrity brides to real brides, add a color to your lips to go for the quintessential   Bengali bridal makeup. A traditional Bengali bridal wedding attire would be a red and white silk saree with a white mukut and complimentary red lips. 


How to do:Red lipstick is a must. You can use a red or a deeper tone, either matte or gloss. To let your lips do the talking, you can keep all other shades lighter. If you have done a glittery makeup, go for a glossy red lipstick, although matte red lips would look more shaped and glamorous. 


5. Keep it natural

natural look,maleup look,wedding makeup,beauty,fashion Picture Credit-: nudemakeup

It is all about keeping your skin tone natural and not altering it. A good makeup base with the right foundation will get you a smooth and even skin tone. The base should not be flaky or cakey or else the entire look will be hampered. 


Some more bengali bridal makeup trends: 


  • Combine traditional and latest   Bengali bridal makeup trends
  • Focus on any one element instead of focusing on all and messing them up. 
  • Treat yourself with natural skin care treatments prior to the wedding. 
  • Choose only trusted and branded bridal makeup products.
  • Always try to go for a trial makeup session before the wedding day. 
  • Choose different makeup looks for different makeup functions. 

Makeup is not going to change how you look, just accentuate your natural beauty. Before deciding on the type of makeup which you want, communicate the same in details with your bridal makeup artist about your expectations. 

Now different brides have different face structures. Bridal makeup artists need to know the makeup types according to the face structures. The shape of your face decides how much contouring and sculpting is required. Here are some experienced tips for bridal makeup for different face shapes. 


Bengali bridal makeup tips for round face: 


indian bridal makeup,bridal makeup,bengali bride,


If the width of your forehead and chin area is almost the same, you have a round face. The problem with this face structure is its lack of definition! A round face comes along with fuller cheek apples and soft chin. 

  • It is the easiest face structure to work with, with a little contouring you can get an angular look. 
  • Create an angular lining on your face with one shade or two darker than your skin tone. 
  • Use a highlighter shade to highlight the middle of your forehead along with the apples of your cheek. 
  • Keep the blush light and use a highlighter instead of the blush. 


Bengali bridal makeup tips for oval face:


indian bridal face,wedding bride,bridal image


An oval face is the most desired face shape. An oval face shaped woman would have a broad forehead tapering down to a narrow chin. They are blessed women with sharp and prominent cheekbones. 

For the bridal makeup of a woman with an oval face, the one thing that the bridal makeup artist needs to keep in mind is ‘balancing’. The upper half of the face has to be in sync with the lower half. 

  • Contouring the forehead and cheekbones is the only thing needed. 
  • Apply highlighter in a C-shaped motion. 
  • Fuller lips would complete the look. 


Bengali bridal makeup tips for heart-shaped face:


heart shape face,indian bride,indian bridal,bridal makeup


  • You might end up getting confused between a heart-shaped face and an oval face since both of them have broad foreheads. The difference is in the chin area. The former ends up in a sharp, angular chin area. 
  • Though this face shape is rare and the chin area is narrower compared to the rest of the face. It would be wise to highlight the lips more. 
  • Contour a major part of the forehead and highlight the apple, leaving the cheekbones natural. 


Bengali bridal makeup tips for square face:

square face bridal,indian bridal,makeup

Picture Credit-: cinderellabridez


  • You have a square face if the width of your forehead, cheekbones and chin area is more or less similar. Be it like Sonakshi Sinha or Kareena Kapoor Khan, both of them have a square face with a prominent jawline. 
  • A square face has sharp edges with most brides try to hide, thus, it is made to look round to give it a softer look. 
  • Apply the highlighter in a linear motion to cover up the hollow cheeks. 
  • The best lipstick shade for square face is the nude one. Yes! You heard right, nudes shades work the best on square face. 


Bengali bridal makeup tips for oblong face:

oblong face,indian wedding,makeup

Picture Credit-:ritikahairstylist

Stretch the square face a bit and it becomes an oblong face. Similar to a square face, an oblong face has symmetrical lines which make it difficult to differentiate between the cheekbones and forehead. Though, an oblong face is narrower compared to a square face and has a round and soft chin area. 

  • The primary concern is to create some edges on an oblong face to make it not look flat. 
  • Contour only the top of the forehead and the bottom of the chin. 
  • Apply highlighter and blush in a circular motion. 
  • Pay a lot more attention to the eyebrows as they would create the entire balance of the look. 

Not only face structure but also Indian brides have almost 37 different identified skin tones. Indian bridal makeup artists are in love with dark tones. The skin is said to be a canvas waiting for the bridal makeup artist to bring it to life with a myriad of colors and shades. 


Here are some of the bridal makeup tips for dark skin  


Bengali Bridal Makeup- Latest Trends & Tricks 2


  • One important  bengali bridal makeup tip for dark complexion is that you need to know the right pucker color. Dark shades can carry off matte shades well, so consider lipstick shades in nude pinks and beiges or browns like coffee, chocolate, or mocha, dark maroon or dark red. You can also use a foundation matching your lip shade. 
  • Your foundation is the base for your entire makeup. You need to pick the right base. If you cannot find the perfect shade, pick two nearest shades and blend them well. While you are selecting your foundation, test it on your forehead or a little above your jawline instead of the back of your hand. This will help you get a better idea if it will match your skin or not.
  • Dark skins tend to get dry very soon. Conditioning your face with a good moisturizer is a must. Hydrate your skin immediately after a shower. Apply moisturizer at regular intervals. The best moisturizer would be the one which has glycerine, lanolinand and SPF 30.
  • Dark skinned women are blessed to carry off bold colors like green, purple, copper, browns, burgundy, and even metallic shades. If you are a dark-skinned bride, you can very well sport a simple brown/grey eyeliner and mascara. Avoid powder eyeshadows or light colors which would make your skin darker. Complete the look with a volumizing mascara. 
  • Set your makeup with a light tinted powder or any translucent powder which matches your skin color. 


Here are some of the bridal makeup tips for dusky skin


Bengali Bridal Makeup- Latest Trends & Tricks 3


  • Never ever choose a foundation that is a shade lighter than your skin tone. It will make you look greyish and patchy. 
  • For oily skin, choose a water-based foundation, but for dry skin, go for a cream-based one. 
  • Do not forget your neck while wearing foundation, you definitely don’t want to wear two different shades, right?
  • While choosing your blush, choose shades like coral, deep orange, and rose. Avoid shades like brown and beige. For evening parties, you can choose shimmers with gold tones. 
  • Both matte and glossy lip colors are great on the dusky complexion. In the case of  bengali bridal makeup for the dusky complexionyou can choose shades like berry, burgundy, plums or mauve.
  • Other than liquid eyeliner, choose cream-based eyeliners that are easy to blend and look more natural. 
  • Dusky skinned brides can also use dark metallic colors, shades like prunes, copper, burgundy, and prunes instead of purple and pink. 


Some other bengali bridal makeup tips for your wedding day 


  • After cleansing your face, use ice cubes to close the pores so that you perspire less and your makeup doesn’t run out. 
  • Warm your skin tone with a bronzer powder. 
  • Using a gel-based foundation primer is better, as it does not run out. 
  • Don’t forget the contour. Your wedding photos demand a well-defined face with sharp features and cheekbones. 
  • Make sure not to use any talcum powder in the entire bridal makeup regime. 
  • To balance the extra-sheen, go for a neutral and light dusting powder. 
  • Go for waterproof gel eyeliner so that it lasts long and defines your eye better. 
  • Make sure your bridal makeup artist uses minimal shimmer and not actual glitter. 
  • Don’t give a very sharp shape to your eyebrows. Use a brow powder or gel to fill in your brows.

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